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Tartan American Machinery Corporation is known throughout the used machine tool industry as a reliable, knowledgeable source for machine tool consulting services and as a supplier of used machine tools. Established in 1976, we simultaneously opened offices in Detroit, Michigan and in Paris, France. Our initial business format was to purchase machine tools in Europe and wholesale them to machine tool dealers in the United States for remarketing. In 1981 we opened an office in Glasgow, Scotland. All three offices; Detroit, Paris and Glasgow are still staffed and working diligently. Our business has evolved since the early days and today we are buying / selling machine tools and consulting on a worldwide basis.  We stock late model machines and have access to machines all over the USA and Europe.  We have many machines consigned to us for resale from banks and leasing companies.  Our machine tool consulting  services are being provided to financial institutions and manufacturing concerns on a worldwide basis. 

Over the years we have done business in: Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Australia, Singapore and Korea.

The clients we have served range from the giants such as: General Electric, Textron, Boeing, General Motors, Renault, Fiat, Snecma, Alsthom Atlantic, Halliburton, Tata Industries and Daimler Benz all the way down to the mom-and-pop tool and die shops.

In 1990 we began offering appraisal and consulting services to our clients. We have appraisers on staff certified by the American Society of Appraisers with Senior ASA designations.

Tartan has been a member of the Machine Tool Dealers National Association (MDNA) since 1980.

Tartan is a proven, reliable global source for all of your machine tool requirements.